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Thank you for your interest in a hunting tour with us in North-West Central
B.C. We offer guided hunting tours on Moose, Mountain Goat, Grizzly,
Bear, Black Bear an Wolf.
Indata Hunting Area
The hunting grounds are located in a vast valley in which there are two
lakes of about 70 - 80 kms in lenght an 1 - 2 kms in width. There are
also some smaller lakes. The valley is surrounded by mountains of
1500 - 2000 metres in height where Mountain Goat, Grizzly and Eagles live.
The indata hunting ground is located 400 kms north-west of Prince
George, B.C. The base camp is reachable by boat or canoe only. It was
built on a romantic peninsula in indata lake. From there we hunt for Moose,
Black Bear and Wolf.
To hunt for Mountain Goat and Grizzly there are three possibilities:
1. You fly to the mountain area landing on a lake
2. You hike up through the canadian jungle - for this you
  have to be physically fit.
Hunting for Moose is done from the boat or stalking - depending on
your preference an physical fitness. Besides the two big lakes there
are some smaller ones and swamp areas where we can hunt for Moose.
Black Bear and Wolf are hunting stalking from Atvs or from the raised
hide that can include Wolf.

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